Article on ‘Talent Management’

I recently read a great article entitled ‘Profitable Manufacturers Focus on Talent Management‘… In this IndustryWeek article, the author cites a new study released by Deloitte, The Manufacturing Institute and Oracle to explain that top manufacturers are still investing in their workforce… regardless of the financial times. Article Excerpt “The study shows that surveyed manufacturers, especially the […]

The Costs Of Not Training

This is a short excerpt from our executive audiobook entitled ‘The Science of Training’… Excerpt There are clearly some expenses associated with setting up and launching a well-planned training initiative. This is undeniable. But have you stopped to think about how much you’re spending by NOT training your employees? Or maybe you are trying to train […]

“Want Good Products… Train Good Employees”

A. Routsis Associates, Inc. was recently featured in a great Modern Plastics article by Clare Goldsberry entitled ‘Want good products and processes? Train good employees’. In this article, she discusses how companies such as Molded Rubber & Plastics Corp. in Butler, WI improve their workforce through employee training at all levels from management to operator. In this article, Mike […]

Reading Materials are Not Training Materials

I was recently asked about the effectiveness of reading materials… Chris We receive several monthly periodicals at our plant, and my manager asked me why these cannot be used for training… I know this won’t work, but I don’t know how to explain this to him. Can you help me understand why this is so? […]