Purpose of Platen Deflection Test

I received this question over the weekend… Milan I heard about the platen deflection test. How should I do it and what information can I obtain from the test? My Response Most platen deflection occurs within the stationary platen due to the fact that it receives the least amount of support. It also has a […]

Are Hydraulic Machines Going the Way of the Dinasour…?

A friend asked my opinion about the state of hydraulic molding machines the other day… Bob When do you think hydraulic molding machines will go the way of the dinosaurs? My Response In my experience, the plastics industry is relatively slow to adopt the latest technology. Four of the biggest factors in adopting a new technology are: 1) Significant […]

Energy Savings for Electric Molding Machines

I just received this inquiry regarding electric molding machines… Henry Our processes typically run over 1 minute cycles and are considering the purchase of some new molding machines. We are being told that an all-electric molding machine will still save us money in energy, is that true? Would a hybrid electric-hydraulic machine be a better investment? My Response […]

Selecting A Melt Temperature Probe

I just received this request… Larry We know the importance of using the proper melt temp.  Is it worth the extra money to get a meter and one of the “needle probes” from a supplier like EDL? My Response The thin probe is the best method. You do not have to preheat it… and the […]