Relevant Training Will Help

It is never a bad time to train your employees. If you are having a problem keeping up with production, then effective, relevant workforce training will help you get more out of your production facility. Training: Improving the knowledge of your employees will provide them with a better ability to handle adversity and make educated decisions. […]

Improving Process Efficiency – Mold Temperature

Since cooling time typically consumes 40-60% of the overall cycle time, it is very important to optimize the mold temperature. Although there are many aspects to mold temperature, this will give you some steps you can take to begin the optimization process Find the Specifications: The first step in the process is to determine the recommended mold temperature range […]

US Manufacturing Tax Incentive

The popular Section 179 deductions on equipment purchases have increased from 125,000 to $500,000 in 2013. This rapid deduction allows companies to deduct up to one half a million dollars in just one year without having to depreciate the equipment. The idea behind such a tax credit is to encourage companies to purchase new equipment […]

Shorts, Sinks, & Flash

During a recent discussion, a manager related to me that their most common defects are shorts, sinks, and flash. She then stated that this is inherent to the molding process could not really be changed. Shorts, Sinks, & Flash: Whenever these three are the top defects at a facility, it is because the molds are being filled too […]

Improving Process Efficiency – Packing Pressure

Process efficiency is one of the largest concerns in the industry today. Improving the efficiency and reliability of a process is a great way to reduce overhead, this post specifically addresses optimization of packing pressure. Packing Pressure Window: Assuming the transfer is developed with a 1st stage short shot, you should determine the minimum and […]