Watch Your Back Pressure

The fun of molding PP is that it can take a significant amount of abuse during molding and end use, but only if it has been melted properly. Concern: In the past week, two different customers consulted us for assistance in troubleshooting failures with their molded parts. They were both running PP and were both […]

New Online Courses Teach 5S Methodology

Routsis Training announces the release of five new online training courses, entitled The 5S System (Steps 1-5). The 5S system is a workplace organization method that describes how to manage a work space for efficiency and effectiveness. The five steps – Sorting, Straightening, Sweeping, Standardizing and Sustaining – are covered in detail and will ensure that […]

Burn Marks & Weld Line Issues

It is always critical to check your first stage short shot since it affects both mold filling and part packing. Request: Please provide reasons & remedies of burn-mark or weld line problems in plastic (HDPE) moulded product during the injection moulding process. My Response: There are many possible causes, but injection should be checked first: […]