Calculating Screw Speed

The following is a formula which can be used to quickly determine the screw speed during setup. This is based on consuming 80% of the cooling time for shot recovery. Question: Could you provide me with a quick formula my setup techs can use to estimate the final screw speed? My Response: This is a quick […]

1st Stage with Multi-Cavity

The intent of the short-shot approach is to help ensure that all cavities are short during 1st stage fill. This ensures none of the cavities are packed during fill and therefore receive the same amount of packing in all cavities during 2nd stage. Question: How do I determine 90-95% fill for a multi-cavity tools? I’m not looking for […]

Part Sticking and Mold Temperature

The documentation of coolant temperature both entering and leaving the mold is critical to good documentation. This reduces the time required to get to first piece approval during mold start-ups. Troubleshooting will also become much easier, faster, and efficient. Question: We encountered part sticking after the mold ran a while. In this part, this situation […]

Blocking Mold Cavities

Blocking off mold cavities will quickly cause you to quickly lose the profit margin on your existing production. Just 1 out of 8 cavities will require the mold to operate 12 percent longer to meet the same production goals. Question: We run many multi-cavity molds and when there is a complication with a cavity, we just block it […]

Learn and then Teach Others…

Just a quick comment today… I am often asked how to best ensure employees are learning the information provided in hands-on training. There are methods of testing which can be used effectively, but the best method is to have your employees teach the hands-on portion to others. If someone learns how the training relates to their job, […]