Who Needs Hands-On Training…?

During a recent on-site visit, I was asked this question… Trainer Does everyone need to go through hands-on training? My Response Structured and customized training can provide an extensive amount of important information… but it does not replace hands-on experience. For this reason, anyone working on the production floor should be involved with some degree […]

Is Profiling Better…?

I recently received this question last week during a training session… Student If I make a good part without injection profiling, but later, another employee later uses injection profiling to make the same part should that be the new standard? My Response If you can make acceptable parts with one injection velocity, then you should continue using one injection […]

Is it 90 or 95% Short…?

I often see many people getting hung up on the specific percentage fill for first stage short shots… Student In a 4 cavity mold, I usually have to make the part 90% full to create a short shot in all cavities. Is that OK, or does it have to be exactly 95% full? My Response […]

Documenting Coolant Temp. without a Temp. Controller…

I encountered this question the other day in a training session… Student Our production facility does not use a temperature controller. Is it still important to document the coolant temperature? My Response In this case, it is even more important. If a temperature controller is present, then you can at least assume that the coolant temperature approximates the setpoint. If […]

Molding of Magnesium…

I received this question during NPE… BD We have a customer who wants magnesium parts. What is the basic principle to metals injection molding? My Response Essentially, materials such as magnesium are effectively alloyed to create a thixotropic material. This alloy can be shear heated like a polymer to create a semi-solid slurry which can be injection molded. The […]