Great Books for Managers and Facilitators

Here is a list of recommended books that are great reading for managers and facilitators… Please feel free to comment with other books you feel apply. Developing Employees Who Love to Learn Tools, Strategies, and Programs for Promoting Learning at Work By Linda Honold Published By: Davies-Black 2000 e-learning Strategies for Delivering Knowledge in the […]

Dynamic Check Ring Repeatability Test

One of our more advanced customers brought to us this observation… Jim M. It is interesting that this test does not utilize the pack & hold portion of the cycle; just the fill portion.  Experience shows, especially with high 2nd stage pressures, that the screw will drift, and some reflection of that would be a […]

Proper Torque Value for Clamping Mold to Platen

A good friend of mine just asked the following question… Ron Z. Is there an industry standard for how much torque a set up person will use to clamp a mold? I know there are specs for the bolt used but I think they’re too high. We use multiple clamps and multiple bolts per mold […]

Should Your Plant Managers Change Molds?

A plant manager recently approached me with an issue… Problem The plant was losing between $20,000 and $50,000 a month in mold damage during mold changes. It turns out, they had changed plant managers a few times in the past two years. As a result, no one really cared since accountability went out the window with each […]