Scientific Molding Pocket Guide: Now Available in Spanish

Routsis Training’s popular Scientific Molding Pocket Guide is now available in Spanish. “It’s really amazing how popular our Pocket Guide has become,” says Daniel Stephens, Vice-President of Routsis Training. “Our customers can’t seem to get enough of these,” Mr. Stephens continued — adding that over 50,000 copies of the English-language version have been printed to-date. […]

Plastics Processing: How To Succeed In An Ever-Changing Industry, Part 3

As discussed in our previous posts, technicians are the key to implementing sustainable change. This is undeniably true. You need competent techs to succeed. And managers that insist otherwise are simply finding excuses for maintaining the status quo. We hear it all the time: “You don’t understand, it’s different here… we don’t have a lot […]