Sort vs. Standardize

There are many variations in 5S, and many people get confused between some of the terms. Since the terms all revolve around the same Lean Manufacturing principles there is often a confusion of concepts. Question: How do I explain the difference between Sorting and Standardizing? My Response: Sorting involves the organization of workplace and the […]

General Purging Procedure

I am often asked which method is the best way to purge. Unfortunately there are so many different types of compounds and applications that there no specific method which is best, but most procedures include the following aspects. Preparation: One of the most important aspects of purging is the preparation. This includes obtaining and mixing […]

Making Significant Changes

When making a change to a plastics process, it should always be large enough to make a noticable change. It is often difficult or impossible to differentiate between normal variation and the effects of a small change. Question: Why do you advise against making small gradual adjustments? My Response: Plastics materials introduce an inherent degree […]