Creating A Good Training Environment

I was recently asked about setting up a proper environment for learning… Sarah We are considering a new training room and want to hear your thoughts before we proceed. My Response When choosing an area where the majority of the training will take place, be sure to consider the noise level. Try not to setup […]

Temperature Profiling Across The Core…

A medical molder just submitted this interesting question… PL In our attempts to optimize, we are often asked by the tooling engineers to put different temps across sections of the tool. An example would be operating core temps at lower temps than the rest of the tool. We try to keep the tool at the […]

Why Does Advanced Training Often Fail

I just received a call the other day regarding a on-site consultation… caller We just had a consultant come in and provide some extensive training for our technicians. He taught lessons on intensification ratios, fill integrals, polymer viscosity, rheology, and gate seal studies. Unfortunately, our technicians had no idea what he was talking about. My Concerns There are […]

Can High Clamp Tonnage Cause Flash?

In a recent seminar, I received this interesting question… Participant Can high clamp tonnage actually cause flash? My Response Yes, it actually can. High Clamp Tonnage can block the vents, causing gases to become trapped in the mold during 1st stage injection. Although, these gasses most often heat and cause burning or short shots… these gasses can […]