Improving Process Efficiency – Transfer

This is another installment in a series of posts on improving process efficiency. Using the appropriate transfer from 1st Stage Injection to 2nd Stage Packing will help reduce equipment wear and overall energy consumption. Regarding Energy: When you transfer when the mold is completely full, the pressure in the barrel increases sharply. This increase is caused by […]

Improving Process Efficiency – 1st Stage Injection

This is the first in a series of posts I will make on easy ways to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Reducing the 1st Stage Injection time is one of the easiest ways to reduce both the cycle time and energy required to inject the polymer. Regarding Energy: Increasing the rate of injection will increase the shear applied […]

A Note to Educational Institutions

Whenever you are soliciting donations from industry, always make the donor feel that you are extremely grateful. It is the job of every educational institution to ensure that their contributors feel appreciated and that they are not sending their money down a black hole. Make it Visible: Place placards or signs on donated equipment and […]

Slowing Down the Screw

If you have to slow the injection speed down to prevent overshooting or gas entrapment during injection; then you are probably filling the mold too much during first stage fill. Comment: We can use one speed to fill most of the mold, but we always have to slow the screw down as it gets to […]