Safety Glasses on the Production Floor

I was recently asked a question which has been debated for many years…

What is the proper rule for safety glasses? Some say they are not always needed, others say they should be work at all times, what is your opinion?
My Response
Before I relate my opinion, I first want to bring up three important factors…
1) Virtually all machine and equipment manufacturers suggest that eye protection be worn at all times.
2) Virtually all safety regulatory groups recommend of require safety glasses to be worn at all times on the production floor.
3) Virtually all safety training recommends safety glasses to be worn around any piece of production equipment.
First… anyone violating a safety guard, servicing a machine, purging, grinding, or opening the safety gates for any reason must wear safety glasses.
Second… I strongly feel that anyone on the production floor should be wearing safety glasses.
Third… I also feel that the tool room, maintenance area, quality lab, and warehouse should also be included. 
Additional Thoughts
In all stages of my professional development, I have been taught the importance of personal protection equipment and specifically… eye protection.
I have personally seen safety hazards such as fragments and fluids travel hundreds of feet across the production floor… all being serious hazards to everyone on the production floor.
As always, I am interested in hearing your opinion on this matter.

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