Check Ring Drift vs. Repeatability

In a recent e-mail, I received this question from one of our customers… Jim M. Regarding cushion, regardless of dynamic check ring tests (e.g. get 1.3%) if the machine will not hold a cushion, should the culprit be repaired? For example, the gate freeze test shows 7 seconds & the hold time is set to […]

The 80-20 Rule For Available Shot Size

I received this common question via e-mail the other day… MJ I heard that it’s good to have shot size from 20 to 80 percent of the machine’s available shot size. Has this conclusion was tested, or has somebody published a white paper study? My Response Although I am not familiar with studies to validate this specific conclusion, but […]

Open Loop vs. Closed Loop Controls

In a recent webinar regarding Process Documentation, I received this question regarding process controls… Frank During an In-Mold Rheology Test, should we use the closed loop or open loop option on our machines? What is the difference? note: For those new to the industry, open loop process control uses a set pressure to force polymer […]

“Want Good Products… Train Good Employees”

A. Routsis Associates, Inc. was recently featured in a great Modern Plastics article by Clare Goldsberry entitled ‘Want good products and processes? Train good employees’. In this article, she discusses how companies such as Molded Rubber & Plastics Corp. in Butler, WI improve their workforce through employee training at all levels from management to operator. In this article, Mike […]

More Accurate Clamp Tonnage Calculations

I got this intriguing question the other day… Jim I am working with a part – family mould 1 + 1.  Here’s the scoop: Projected Area:              89.75 “^2 Hold Pressure:               950 psi hyd. Intensification ratio:        13.36 Plastic Pressure:       […]