More Discussion about Open vs. Closed-Loop 1st Stage Injection…

Recently I have had many questions by phone, email, and Linked-In pertaining to mold filling for open-loop molding machines. As a result, I wish to clarify the basic difference between the optimal filling strategy for closed-loop molding machines vs. open-loop molding machines with respect to compensating for viscosity variations to maintain process consistency… 1st Stage Fill Closed-Loop […]

Documenting Open-Loop Processes…

I received this follow-up question from one of our previous blog entries… Chris I don’t understand why it’s best to be full at the end of 1st stage on an open loop machine. Our open loop machines have 1st stage and then total injection forward time which is basically filling and packing time together. We are […]

Calculating Intensification Ratio

I was just asked the question… Dave How can I calculate the intensification ratio of my injection molding machine if I do not know my Hydraulic Cylinder Diameter? My Response You can calculate the Intensification Ratio of your machine two ways if you do not know the hydraulic cylinder diameter. The first way to calculate […]

Safe Injection Unit Servicing Procedures

After recently hearing about an on the job injury I decided to post an entry on safety procedures and their importance. My Thoughts Whenever you are servicing a mold be sure to move back the injection unit from the clamping unit. Pressure can build up in the barrel when the nozzle is in contact with […]