NPE 2009 Technological Highlights

At NPE 2009, I teamed up with Josh from IDES to acquire footage of different technologies featured at the show. Back here at the office, we cleaned up the footage and added some explainations to make it more interesting to your employees… These can be viewed here: After viewing these yourself, I recommend you use it […]

Crystallinity In Layman’s Terms

In a recent e-mail, I received this question regarding crystallinity… Sam A Can you explain Crystallinity in layman’s terms? Also how the process affects it. My Response In essence… crystallinity is a phenomenon where segments within the polymer chain either (1) align themselves in an orderly, structured fashion or (2) align themselves with portions of adjacent polymer […]

The Science Of Training – An Executive Audiobook

New Executive Audiobook: I have just released an audiobook on professional employee development entitled ‘The Science of Training’. You can listen to it here: You can also download it here: Sample Excerpt: Just to give you a taste of what is covered… Below is a short transcription from the middle of this executive […]

Remedy For A Walking Machine

In a recent trade show, an attendee asked me this unique question… Attendee What would cause my machines to ‘walk’? The floor is level, but a couple of my machines will still move. Note: For those new to the industry, a ‘walking machine’ physically moves away from the original position where it was installed. This […]

Are Trade Shows Good For Your Employees?

Over the years, I have seen a significant decrease in production workers at trade shows such as the most recent NPE. For those who may never think to send their employees to trade shows, I would like to provide a few resons why it can be helpful to you. The Plastics Industry Most employees think […]