Large Molding Machines…

Recently I was asked about manufacturers of larger molding machines… Customer Your recommendation on the best performing large all-electric presses – 2300 to 3000 ton range? My Response There are only a couple manufacturers who produce all-electric molding machines at this size range and I provided those names. My suggestion was to wait until NPE2012 […]

Measuring Water Flow…

This question came across my desk last week… MJ If I want to measure the flow rate in the mold cooling system, should I measure the water coming IN the mold or the water going OUT of the mold? My Response Either is OK. Unless there is a leak, the IN and OUT flow rates […]

In-Mold Rheology Test…

I received this question via email last week… Sunil I am new to plastics technology and am looking for input on how to do an in-mold rheology test. My Response Although there is much training centered around the in-mold rheology curve, the basics are as follows: Fill the mold as fast as you can with a short shot during 1st stage […]

Silicone Injection Molding Flash

I was recently asked this question… T.P. We have been experiencing problems with excessive flash on a new silicone part. We are injecting a liquid silicone into a mold and letting it set. Could you give any insite to what may be causing this problem? My Response lash is a common issue that must be […]

New Hire Training

I recently had this question asked via email… Ralph, If I am considering training should I require all new hires to take your introductory courses even if they have some past injection molding experience? My Response Yes. When establishing a training system in your company it is important to give every employee an introduction. It is also […]