5S Training in the News

Maintenance and Repair Organization (MRO) is an important aspect to efficient and timely equipment maintenance. Issue: In most Lean manufacturing efforts, maintenance and management tend to be the two slowest departments to adopt practices such as 5S. This may be because they are perceived as an indirect or supportive component of Manufacturing, but this is […]

How Much Back Pressure is Too Much?

The screw does most of the melting, but the barrel temperature should be maintaining the melt temperature. Question: How do I know if there is too much back pressure? My Response: The quick method is to make a significant drop in the back pressure, such as reduce by half (ie. 1000 psi to 500 psi) […]

Pressure Setting During Mold Open and Close

The molding machine does it’s best to achieve the set mold open and close speed as long as there is enough pressure available. Question: What is the pressure and speed relation for clamp open and close? How can I make sure that I have enough pressure to satisfy the set speed? Answer: During clamp movement, […]