Creating A Good Training Environment

I was recently asked about setting up a proper environment for learning…

We are considering a new training room and want to hear your thoughts before we proceed.

My Response
When choosing an area where the majority of the training will take place, be sure to consider the noise level. Try not to setup your training environment in a loud area, such as one that’s right next to the production floor. It’s a good idea to hang a couple of sets of headphones so that employees have the ability to cancel-out any noises coming from other areas of your facility. Such noise can be extremely distracting while employees are participating in interactive training.
Also consider the appearance and setup of the training environment. Make sure that the room has adequate lighting and be sure the room is clean and free of clutter. Post signs to reiterate that the room is to be kept clean. 
Additional Thoughts
With the price of computers being more reasonable than ever, there’s no excuse for providing your workforce with machines that aren’t up-to-date.

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