Maximizing Profits with Employee Training, Part 2: Improved Product Quality

Poorly skilled employees are the root cause of most quality-related losses. Our customers typically realize reductions of over 61% in scrap and rework while eliminating most customer returns. All of this was a result of improving the skills and confidence of their workforce.

Here are 5 quality-specific areas of improvement where proper training of production staff has a direct effect on your company’s profitability.

Lower Scrap Rates

Every operation needs to document scrap percentage and rework time. This includes the actual cause and which necessary corrective actions were taken. More capable processors will help troubleshoot more efficiently and effectively — with a reduced overall scrap rate over time.

Fewer Defects

With the right skills and scientific documentation, your technicians will be able to better duplicate and maintain the standard documented process. This will give faster and more consistent startups — with more reliable runs from first piece to last piece.

More Consistent Part Quality

As your processes become better defined and your technicians understand how to use this information, they will be better at maintaining the standardized and approved process, shift-to-shift and run-to-run.

Highly Repeatable Processes

Skilled process technicians become will develop processes that are more capable of handling normal variation. There have been many advances in our industry’s best practices and your technicians need to be skilled in scientific process development, documentation, and troubleshooting.

Process Optimization

A processor needs to understand the material, part, mold, and machine along with the scientific molding process to develop a capable, reliable, and repeatable process. Once developed they leverage what they learned in the development process to optimize critical process parameters to improve the process without sacrificing quality.

Processing is a science, not an art. Quality assurance in plastic processing relies on a company being able to verify that they’re using the same process to manufacture the same product — each and every time the job is run.

Routsis Training offers a wide range of products and services that can help your company improve part quality and increase the profitability of your plastics processing operation. Please visit our website to learn more.

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