Scientific Molding Skills Portals deliver affordable hands-on skills training

A Scientific Molding Skills Portal from Routsis Training combines foundational eLearning with critical skills-development labs. This in-house training system teaches your production personnel how to develop, document, optimize, and evaluate a robust Scientific Molding process. These portals deliver the same advanced processing training once reserved for expensive seminars and on-site training sessions.

“The great thing about these Skills Portals is that they allow technical employees develop real, practical molding skills that translate directly into increased productivity and profitability.”

Daniel Stephens, Vice-President of Routsis Training

32 courses on 1 powerful portal — available in 6 languages

Each Skills Portal comes pre-configured with 6 Scientific Molding 101 courses, 13 Intermediate SkillSet™ Labs, and 13 Advanced SkillSet™ Labs. Each online course and all related hands-on training materials are available in 6 different languages: English, Spanish, French, Brazilian Portuguese, Bahasa Malaysia, and Mandarin Chinese.

Employees are assigned to 1 of 3 learning tracks: Fundamental, Intermediate, and Advanced. All participants begin with the basics. Those assigned to the higher learning tracks continue on, performing our hands-on labs on your facility’s production equipment.

  • Fundamental Courses
    Our “101” courses establish a consistent knowledgebase while emphasizing safety — using the production terminology and concepts that every employee should learn.
  • Intermediate SkillSet™ Labs
    These labs provide skills-development instruction & worksheets for documenting and developing of a robust Scientific Molding process — from injection & packing to tonnage & recovery.
  • Advanced SkillSet™ Labs
    Your top processors learn how to test important aspects of the process; such as viscosity, deflection, and imbalance — as well as how to optimize cooling, screw recovery, and part removal. These skills can be applied immediately to improve existing processes at your facility.

For more information about Scientific Molding Skills Portals, please contact Routsis Training or visit the Skills Portals landing page.

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