Mobile Learning Just Got Easier

Routsis Training’s new LMSBridge™ app provides an optimal learning experience on mobile devices.

There’s no denying that plastics processing facilities increasingly rely on online training to streamline productivity. Since the 1990s, Routsis Training has been a leader in developing and implementing such training materials. Like the rest of the web-browsing world, the online training landscape has been slowly shifting away from desktop computers and more toward handheld devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

“Some years back, I started noticing a few injection molders were using tablets on the production floor,” said Andy Routsis, president of Routsis Training. “I thought it would be great if they could start using our training materials in this way.”

In 2010, Routsis Training revamped all their online courses to be more mobile-friendly. But while the courses themselves were quite capable of being run on phones and tablets, the user experience varied greatly from device to device. According to Andy Routsis, “We found that while a course might run quite well on larger tablet, there was certainly room for improvement on smaller screens.” Mr. Routsis envisioned a not-so-distant future in which individuals and corporate employees alike would prefer to train on their smartphones — whether on the floor or in the break room, or at home or on the road. “So I asked my development team to start looking for solutions to the problem,” he continued.

By the end of 2019, the solution had taken the form of an app called LMSBridge™. Available for both iOS™ and Android™ devices, Routsis Training’s free app optimizes the presentation of their plastics training courses on handheld devices. In addition, it provides a unified experience on various devices — so that the courses function identically, whether played on Apple iPad™ or a Samsung™ smartphone.

Routsis’s LMSBridge™ app also provides their RightStart™ customers with convenient administrative access to their company’s online training portal. This feature gives trainers and managers greater flexibility in developing curricula, enrolling students, and viewing employees’ progress while away from their desks.

“We always look forward to learning new ways to help our customers maintain their competitiveness,” Mr. Routsis said. “I really feel this app is going to be a game-changer for a lot of plants.”

Visit Routsis Training’s website to learn more about LMSBridge™. Please note that while the app can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store and Google Play, access to Routsis’s training materials requires an existing customer account. Please contact Routsis for a free demonstration course.

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