Skill Development Requires Practice…

Knowledge of a topic or concept is critical to understanding, but practice is the key to skills development.

Question: I want my engineers to learn scientific molding skills, but can’t they just take the online courses? Do they really have to bother with the hands-on worksheets?
My Response: If someone reads about Scientific Molding in a book, they may become knowledgeable in the topic. to become skilled in Scientific Molding, he/she must actually go out on the production floor and do it. This gives them a concrete understanding of the application of the knowledge to the production environment. This is why we only perform classroom training in conjunction with hands-on processing equipment.
Additional Thoughts: More According to the Oxford Dictionary, a skill is the ability to do something well.
Essentially, a person has to have a certain level of competency and proficiency to be ‘skilled’.

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