Cavity Imbalance for LCP…

Whether you are processing PVC, Nylon, PS, or LCP, the basic strategy for filling and packing the mold is fundamentally the same.

Question: I am having a problem on my connector mold having a short shot. I am using lcp as the material and my mold is 8 cavity mold with submarine gate.
My Response:
Regarding Imbalance – You can improve the cavity imbalance either through a different injection speed or a flow balancing technology such as the MeltFlipper®.
Regarding Processing – The following 4 steps will help you maximize the potential of the tool in its current state:
1) Measure the melt temperature and ensure it is within manufacturer’s recommendations.
2) Make all cavities short shot at time of transfer.
3) Use a packing pressure which will fill out the mold and give you acceptable parts.
4) Reduce the clamp tonnage to allow more venting (this must be done after the transfer and packing is complete).
Other aspects can be investigated once the balance and process issues are addressed.

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