The Need for Technicians…

The lack of good technical employees to hire is a global issue and must be addressed in-house. You cannot rely on poaching talent from others to fill all your technician needs.

Question: You don’t understand how hard it is to hire technicians in our area. Where is the best place to look for technicians?
My Response: There is no place on the planet where plastics technicians grow on trees. Every company has their own equipment, procedures, parts, customers, paperwork, molds, plastics, etc. For this reason, even if you can hire a technician you hope knows how to process, they still need to learn everything else about your company. This takes time to make a poached technician effective in your company and typically result in a technician which can barely get the job done. Your best bet is to determine the skills and knowledge necessary to develop a good technician and have a plan to teach your employees this information so they can advance from within.

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