Converting Percentage to Pressure

It is relatively easy to convert a percentage setting on your controller to the actual pressure applied to the plastic. The most important factor is that you need to know the maximum pressure capacity.

Question: How do I convert a pressure measurement which is provided in percentage? When the panel says 50%, what is that in pressure?
My Response: Percentage is per-cent or per-hundred. This is a ratio with 100 as the maximum and the percentage as a fraction of that. 50% = 50/100 = half of the maximum. To calculate this, convert the percentage to a fraction 50% = 50/100 = 0.50 and then multiply this by the maximum machine capability.
Pressure = (percent / 100) x Maximum
  1. edo left a comment on 2013/10/10 at 11:01 am

    I would like to follow up on this; Can you confirm that the correct “Maximum” pressure is the true Machine maximum and not the maximum set limit?
    I am not finding much about this topic and I would like something definative that I can use when dealing with my molders.

  2. Andy Routsis left a comment on 2013/10/10 at 6:32 pm

    This refers to the maximum plastic pressure of which the machine is capable. For example, if the machine specification is 18,000 psi maximum pressure and the packing is set to 50%, then the packing pressure equals 9,000 psi.

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