Global Skills Gap

In the global picture, employers in the USA actually fair relatively well in locating skilled production employees and engineers. Believe it or not, finding skilled employees is a world-wide phenomena.

Problem: Managers often say…”In our town, it is tough to find skilled production workers” or ” There is a significant lack of engineers in our state”. Basically, the lack of industry-specific trained personnel is a global issue in most developed countries. In difficulties in finding Engineering talent US ranks 6th behind Brazil, Germany, India, Japan,and the UK (based on research by Debra Auerbach from Much of this stems from the fact that there is an ever-increasing amount of specialization in each branch of every industry. For example, an employee working as a technician in one packaging company is unlikely to have all the skills necessary to work at another facility without some training.

Solution: It is the responsibility of each company to develop in-house training systems so you can develop talent in-house. This includes both the employees who are currently in your facility who want to advance as well as those who you hire and need to get up-to-speed.The most efficient in-house programs provide metered training and hands-on exercises over an extended period of time. This will instill the desired practices, habits, and behaviors in your employees.
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