High Injection Pressures

It is always to avoid running a pressure-limited process. Any process which is pressure limited will have and inconsistent 1st stage injection weights and 1st stage injection times.

Question: The company I work for now, wants all injection/boost pressures set at max 2,000 to 2,300 psi. I was told that it insured a more consistent shot and was also told that this would blow through any nozzle tip or gate freezing. Wouldn’t this be harder on the check ring?
My Response: The company uses max pressure to ensure the machine always operates under velocity control which is very important. Not all companies need to use full pressure, typically 20% more pressure than what is necessary will work on most machines. This would not be the cause of the early check-ring wear, it is very possible that other causes such as abrasive additives or inferior check rings could be causing this. 
  1. tcm080 left a comment on 2013/02/05 at 5:44 pm

    Good Advice – Setting at the +20% of peak pressure may also save the tool from damage in case of abnormal cycle (i.e. part stuck in one cavity and you close up on it)

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