Inconsistent Dryer Dewpoint Readings…

I was asked this question recently…

We were encountering complications with the drying of nylon. We have attached a dewpoint meter to our desiccant dryer and the measurements range erratically between -37 and -10°C while operating. The desiccant regeneration is set to 3200 second. There seems to be plenty of suction on the return line from the hopper to the unit. Could you recommend What is your interpretation of the data and how do you think it will affect the performance of our equipment?
note: Kevin attached photos of the dryer and the dewpoint measurement graph showing an erratic fluctuations with a slight incline at the regeneration period.
My Response
You should consider shorter bed times and/or replacing the desiccant bed if it is older.
It would be worthwhile to check all the seals, connections, and filters to see if there is a leak causing moisture from the atmosphere to leak into the hopper.
Additional Thoughts
If you are not getting adequate support and guidance from the dryer manufacturer on this matter, I strongly suggest considering another brand.

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