Procedures During Power Outage…

I was reading about the power issues overseas and it reminded me of a conversation a few years ago…

We had a power outage last summer and everyone just walked around in circles, not knowing what to do.

My Thoughts
A power outage can be a very dangerous situation. There are many pieces of equipment which have stored energy which might be released when the power returns if not properly shut down. There are also areas of the plant which have poor auxiliary lighting which can contribute to slips, trips, and falls.
If your company does not have a procedure for power outages, you need to create one. Aspects such as where to meet, who is responsible for personnel count, which machine needs to be powered off and who decides to send people home.
Additional Thoughts
This is extremely important if you process highly sensitive materials such as PVC or Acetal which might cause a problem when the molding machines start back up.

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