More about Traditional Molding…

I was recently asked this question at a classroom/hands-on training session…

Most of my co-workers use traditional molding, why should I convince them to change?

note: traditional molding refers to the method of filling the mold cavity all the way during 1st stage fill. This method is often referred to as traditional because it was the preferred method of processing for the traditional pressure-controlled molding machines which used to dominate the molding industry 20+ years ago.
My Response
In today’s molding industry, the profit margins and tolerances for most products are very tight.  The traditional method does not provide the processing flexibility and compensation for variation necessary to succeed in the long term. An inability to change will cause inefficiencies which will become unacceptable at some time in the future resulting in either job loss or eventual company failure due to an inability to compete.
Additional Thoughts
In order to change the behavior of your technicians, you need to implement a structured training program which teaches and reinforces the right molding practices over an extended period of time. 

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