Processing Rule #1…

There are many rules to good processing, but this one is paramount…

What is the most important thing to look for when evaluating a technicians ability to process?
My Response
The most important factor in good processing is ‘Rule #1 – Make One Process Change at a Time’. When a change is made, it’s imperative to wait for the results to take place before making another process adjustment. This rule ensures you know the specific cause and effect of any change made to the injection molding process.
For example, if you increase both the injection speed and packing pressure at the same time, you may eliminate a short shot, but while doing so – you’ve created flash, part sticking, burning, and cracking. Because you changed two parameters at the same time, you don’t know which change corrected the short shot and which parameter resulted in causing each of the new defects.
Anyone changing more than one parameter at a time is not approaching the process systematically.

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