Don’t Forget the Fundamentals…

I received this comment the other day…

I understand my technicians have not had any formal process training, but what they really need is advanced training.

My Thoughts
It is common to believe that advanced training will automatically cause your employees to function at a higher level. Unfortunately, advanced training does little to change behavior if your employees lack a good understanding of the fundamentals. A great example of this is the decoupling of 1st stage filling from 2nd stage packing.
Let’s presume you have a technician who has been filling the mold completely during 1st stage fill for the past 15 years. Now you send this  person to a class focused on the finer points of optimizing filling and packing based on the foundation of a short shot during first stage fill. This employee would learn very little which is directly applicable to his job since he still believes filing the mold completely during 1st stage fill is the best way to process.

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