The Best Way to Process…

I was recently at a molding facility during a training implementation was in need of some training due to a lack of fundamentals among the employees…

Company President
What is the best way to process, and why don’t we just have everybody process that way starting tomorrow?
My Response
I told her that there were ways that there are many ways to process, and there are a few methods which are far superior to others. Unfortunately without a strong background in processing knowledge your employees will have no reason to understand why this method is better.
Essentially, people who have been making a living molding a particular way do not just change their entire approach to processing because someone tells them it is better. You need to educate them on plastics, machinery, materials, processing, and tooling to ensure that they know why it is a better way.
Additional Thoughts
There are always steps which your employees can take to improve the process. As they see the success they will continue to employ more cost saving, and process improving techniques. This is one of the reasons why it can be easier to teach someone who has never processed that to teach someone who has processed for years.

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