Retaining Defects…

I was recently visiting a molder who was having a specific problem…

We are having trouble with our employees properly identifying and naming part defects… any suggestions as to how we can improve this?
note: After a couple questions, it was determined that they do not retain defective parts as they are all discarded, reworked, or reground.
My Response
It is critical that you retain current samples of each part defect your company encounters. These defects should be placed in a visible area to ensure the employees will walk by and see them on a routine basis. This make a great training tool and will help provide a common ground when defect-related questions arise.
Additional Thoughts
Please review your defect board a few times a year to ensure the parts are up to date and still defects. I have seen many parts that are so old that factors such as dust and dimensional creep will make the intended defect invisible.

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