If I Train My Employees…

I heard this comment again the other day…

Potential Customer
OK, I know I need training, but if I train my employees, they will leave.
My Response
Some people will always believe this, and for those people, I can do little. One of the funniest responses to this I have heard is from Zig Ziglar who says ‘If you don’t train your employees… they might stay!’.
Ignorance is never a good retention policy… nor is it a good business plan. In our experience, turnover improves when you implement a ‘production-wide’ employee development system. This happens because your employees will develop a culture of learning and will begin to discuss, refer, and assist each other on a more consistent basis. The truth is, your employees want to do a good job, but they need the tools and skills to do their jobs well.
Additional Thoughts
Keep in mind, I stated a ‘production-wide’ training initiative. If you just train a couple key guys, you are likely to lose them since they are not working in an environment which caters to their desire to learn. Basically, people learn best by being trained and having the information reinforced continually over time.

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