Making Time for Training…

The other day I received a common question…

I know we are in need of training, my scrap is up and my production numbers could be better, but we’re so busy, it’s hard to find the time.

My Response
The important aspect is to consider is momentum. It’s similar to housekeeping… everyone has to help keeps things clean, but there is always some task which seems more important than sweeping the floor. Unfortunately, if no-one does any cleaning, the place turns into a mess. With respect to training, the same occurs. Doing a consistent amount of training each week helps you get the ball rolling forward, resulting in a slowly improving workforce. In our experience, most forms of training we promote do not consume a large amount of time to conduct. In many cases, the training can be done at short 10 or 20 minute increments if necessary.
Additional Thoughts
Since there is no quick fix to training, it is critical to ensure that your company makes slow steady efforts towards improvements as is should with all aspects of production including housekeeping, skills, procedures, maintenance, etc.

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