Don’t Give up on Your Employees…

I received this in an email from a technician at a very busy blow molding company…

I talked to my company and they said they do not need any training. I have been on the job for four months and I still do not have the basic concept of how to process plastic. At this point I’m very discouraged, frustrated, and ready to give up.

My Response
Your company is quite fortunate to have an employee like you that wants to learn and do the best possible job. Our industry needs more people like you. (the remainder of my advice was specific to the person)
My Concerns
I correspond with people such as this all the time. Most employees want to do a good job, but they must be given the tools necessary to perform their jobs well. In most cases, people like this end up leaving the company they are working for. They either find a company willing to support their desires to learn, or they leave the industry all together in search of a field which will satisfy the thirst for knowledge and growth. It is my opinion that companies should hire eager & ambitious employees and provide an environment that allows such people to grow… this is the best way to position your company to best handle the challenges that lay in your future.

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