Self-Paced vs. Self-Taught…

I was just asked this question on the phone…

If I leave the training up to my people, it will never get done. I have many books, magazines, and articles available to my employees, but they never use them. What is the difference between that and self-paced training?
My Response
Self-Taught: This expression implies that the employee actually guides, develops, and executes their own learning program, and is motivated enough to make it work. Although you have occasionally heard stories of those who are ‘self-taught’, these highly motivated employees are extremely rare.
Self-Paced: This expression refers to employees who are given specific training, tasks, exercises, and direction, and they follow this at a pace suitable to themselves. In cases where employees have reasonable goals and objectives,  virtually every employee has the ability to learn and grow professionally… especially when they understand how it benefits them professionally.
Additional Thoughts
Basically, every employee wants to succeed at their job, but not all employees receive the training necessary to do their jobs well.

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