Using the Correct Cleaning Solutions…

Situation: I was recently at a molding facility with relatively new molding machines, but the safety window was all hazy, and the paint is already dulled. When I asked around, it turns out the technicians were using mold cleaner to clean the machines including the safety glass.

Cause: The technicians did not realize that the solution used to clean grease and residual volatiles from the mold surface was very caustic to the paint and plastic safety window.
Solution: In all cases, you should use the proper cleaning solution to protect the integrity and value of your equipment investment. Luckily, this company did not use equipment cleaner on the injection molds, but the lack of concern and knowledge is clearly evident. By not educating their technicians about the best method of cleaning the production equipment, the appearance of the production equipment makes a poor impression on visitors… especially their customers.

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