Safely Removing Stuck Runners…

Last week, while at a molding facility, I had to instruct a molder on the safe way to remove a stuck runner…

When touring the plant, I witnessed a machine operator removing opening the door, reaching in with his bare hand, and pull a stuck sprue from the bushing.
This action by itself seems pretty routine, but the operator forgot a key element… YOU MUST BACK UP THE BARREL AND PURGE BEFORE REACHING INTO THE MOLD AREA DURING PROCESS INTERRUPTIONS. This will help prevent the possibility of pressure build-up and melted material being injected into the mold area while the operator reaches into the mold area.
I know hundreds of people who have either been burned or know someone who has been burned as a result of this oversight. Hot molten plastic will either burn your hand or actually become injected under your skin. In either case, the result is almost always disfigurement, amputation, or death. Never let your employees do this.
Please review your procedures and ensure that your employees are not making this dangerous mistake.

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