Different Training for Different Employees…

I was asked this question by a colleague recently…

Some of our managers would like to pick and choose what training certain employees take. In essence, one technician who we feel is weaker will take most of the training assigned to their job position while another tech will take only a few courses.  Other techs will take varying amounts of training based on our estimation of their skill level, is this the best course of action?

My Response
The best way to approach your employee training is as follows… If you believe that certain knowledge or skill is critical to the success of a particular job description, then all employees at that level should take that training. On the production floor, employee training should always be divided by job description, not personnel.
This is the best way to ensure consistency in both the training of the employees as well as the support of newly trained employees by those above them. This situation will create more conformity, better communication, and increased loyalty throughout the workforce.
Additional Thoughts
In my experience, breaking up the training on an individual basis always creates division and resentment. In most cases, people who get excluded from a particular training initiative often ask to be included or complain about being left out.

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