Understanding the Dynamic Load Sensitivity Test…

I got this request during the weekend…

I would like an explanation on how to perform a Dynamic Load Sensitivity Test on Hydraulic Molding Machines.

My Response
Although we have training courses dedicated to this topic, I will try to give a brief overview here:
The Load Sensitivity Test is used to determine how the injection flow rate is altered by changes in molding conditions – such as material viscosity.
To test a machine’s ability to compensate for changes in material viscosity, two shots are made under different loads. This is done by injecting one shot into the mold and one shot into the air.
The objective of this test is to compare the two shots and calculate the load sensitivity of the machine. This is expressed as either:
– A percentage of change per thousand psi hydraulic pressure
– A percentage of change per ten thousand psi plastic pressure
Additional Thoughts
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