Selecting Your Training Metrics

In a recent webinar, I received a common question…

When tracking the improvements of training, what should I monitor?
My Response
I will answer this is a few parts…
1) Choose from the data that is already available – Do not create new metrics to monitor… if it was important to the management, someone would already be monitoring the parameters.
2) Select 3-4 parameters – Choose a few important parameters… monitoring too many parameters will become overwhelming.
3) Gather data form the last 6-12 months – Without a good baseline for comparison… you will not know how much things have improved.
Additional Thoughts
Don’t be afraid to share the credit with other initiatives. In many cases, another improvement initiative will take place while the training is going on. For example, the die setters and technicians could be implementing 5S at the same time you are training them on processing. In such a case, the reduction in downtime and changeover time will most likely be a cumulative result from both initiatives… especially when the initiative is integrated into the training through tasks and customization.

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