The ‘Too Busy To Train’ Excuse

I was asked this question during a recent webinar…

How do I overcome the ‘Too Busy To Train’ problem?
My Response
I often encounter this question when upper management does not put a priority on employee training. Many managers will state that employee training is important to them… but often neglect to set aside resources such as time, materials, or manpower to make it happen.
For example, many companies try to use their conference room for training. Unfortunately, such rooms are often so busy, that there is never time to schedule employee training. Often training will get cancelled whenever someone in management wants to hold a meeting. As a result, the employees get the impression that training is not important, and therefore will not make the time.
Basically, employee training needs to become a permanent fixture in your company. You may train a couple hours a week, or a few hours a month… but it needs to be maintained and supported by management. In the example mentioned above, if a manager wanted to interrupt training to use a conference room, he or she should offer the use of their own office to help ensure that the training takes place… this would demonstrate that employee development is important and must be maintained.

Additional Thoughts
As with all initiatives, training needs to be both supported and encouraged by the upper management.

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