Profiling Injection Due to Moldflow Results…

I saw this unique question in my e-mail yesterday…

What is your opinion about profiling the injection based on the results of a Moldflow analysis?
My Response
Mold filling analysis programs such as moldflow can provide a variety of options for filling. For example, you can use the software to profile in order to minimize variations in fiber orientation, shear rate, shrinkage, etc. Many seasoned injection molders will agree that the simulation information is very helpful, but the final process will depend more factors than can be programmed into the computer… The biggest factor being Quality.
Overall, I find these simulations extremely helpful in establishing the mold design, and to determine the general approach to processing the final tool. If such a program suggests an injection profile, then I would use that information to better understand potential complications with the process. For example, if the software recommended a lower speed through a thin section and a faster speed through a thicker section… I would personally evaluate whether to first try one speed through both, or profile my speeds during the initial setup.
One thing to keep in mind when processing… each injection speed is a variable… the more variables you introduce into the process, the more variation you potentially introduce.
My Response
All data such as blueprints, analysis, and customer requirements are helpful to the person establishing the process. Additionally, the more complex the part and tool, the more useful this data can become.

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