Applicable Training

During a recent seminar, an extrusion technician recently made this false statement…

None of the training out there applies to what my plant is doing.
My Response
I first asked him if his extruder had a barrel and screw… He said yes. I then asked about the barrel heaters, cooling fans, and temperature controllers… He again agreed.
He also agreed his extruder has an adapter, die, screw motor, reduced, feed throat, and so on. Then he explained that they used unique downstream equipment on their standard extruder. 
I explained that half of their process is the extruder and the second half is the downstream, in which much training is available. Lastly, I asked if his employees could improve their knowledge and abilities such as in math, quality, and problem solving… He again agreed.
Additional Comments
The purpose here was not to sell training… but to get people to think about training materials as components of the overall training solution.

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