Process Inputs vs. Process Outputs

In a recent webinar on the topic of Scientific Molding, I received this question regarding process outputs…
In a scientific injection molding process, can we change process inputs while maintaining the same outputs?
My Response
There are many cases where a change in the inputs may have little or no affect on the actual process… For example, if the process was pressure limited, a change in the injection speed will have no affect on the process. This is why the process inputs are significantly less important than the resulting process outputs.
Additional Thoughts
To illustrate this with another example… if your process has too much screw speed and back pressure, a ten degree drop in barrel temperature may not have the desired effect on the melt temperature. If you concentrated on the melt tempertaure instead, you would know how each change directly affects the melt temperature.  
Both of these scenerios relate specifically to why documentation of process outputs is critical. For free multimedia presentations on scientific molding, please visit:

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