Plastics Processing: How To Succeed In An Ever-Changing Industry, Part 3

As discussed in our previous posts, technicians are the key to implementing sustainable change. This is undeniably true. You need competent techs to succeed. And managers that insist otherwise are simply finding excuses for maintaining the status quo. We hear it all the time: “You don’t understand, it’s different here… we don’t have a lot […]

5 Rules of Processing

To put it bluntly, if your technicians and engineers are not following these 5 simple rules your company is losing money. Rule 1: Change One Aspect at at Time By allowing the change to take place, it allows you to be deliberate in your changes. Rule 2: Make Significant Changes If you believe something is […]

Quick Note on Safety with PVC & Acetal

For some reason we are encountering a large number of companies who’s employees are not familiar with extremely important safety concerns of running both PVC and Acetal (POM) in the same plant. Concern: Heated PVC gives off hydrochloric acid while heated, this acid will erode most metal surfaces that are not stainless or plated with […]