Humans are Creatures of Habits

Yesterday, someone asked me my opinions on day-long training sessions… I said they are good, but lack the effectiveness of long-term training initiatives due to human nature. Unfortunately, it takes at least three weeks of training and reinforcement to dramatically change a person’s behavior. What it comes down to is the fact that humans are creatures of […]

Cushion Monitoring: Variation & Setting Limits

One of our more advanced customers just asked these questions… Jim M. Monitor the shot-to-shot variation (cushion)… if it is not consistent, can I increase the back pressure? What tolerance should I be able to hold on cushion, e.g. I am hitting 0.20” cushion, what should I be expecting to repeat, i.e. what min & […]

If You Teach a Man to Fish…

A good friend of mine offered up this excerpt from a recent company newsletter… Ron Z. “….if you teach a man how to fish, you feed him for life.” This adage is the very essence of training. The reason some managers or supervisors get drained is because they don’t delegate. They don’t delegate because they feel they […]