Material Drying, Part 2: Moisture Measurement

Just because the material has been dried at the specified temperature for the specified amount of time does not guarantee it is actually dried to the material supplier’s specifications. If you dry material in-house, you must have a method of measuring the actual moisture contained in the material. In most hygroscopic materials, water attacks the […]

Material Drying, Part 1: Dewpoint Meters

Materials that need to be dried require a reliable supply of heated and dried air. The dryness of the air is measured using a dewpoint meter. In practice, there are several ways this can be accomplished. What is the best method? Which type of sensor is most accurate? In this post, we will answer some […]

Routsis SmartTech™: The World’s Best Face-to-Face Training for Plastics Processors & Technicians

Routsis’s exclusive SmartTech™ training focuses on the science of injection molding — not just on the workings of a particular injection molding machine. The majority of training time is spent at your molding machines, making it a better way to help your company improve efficiency, profitability and its competitive position. Here are 5 ways in […]